Finding the perfect ring is one of life's great moments, whether you select it together or plan the perfect surprise for your partner it has to be right.  At Finest Jewellery we understand the importance of this moment and will work with you every step of the way to  ensure the ring is exactly what you have imagined.  Its our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

                                                                                    GENTLEMEN LET US HELP YOU MAKE IT THE PERFECT SURPRISE WITHOUT RISK OR PRESSURE 

The Finest Jewellery online E Boutique is the simple solution when selecting an engagement ring to surprise your special girl.  Nothing beats the surprise of a marriage proposal and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure it works out just as you've planned.  Our straight forward service helps you select the perfect ring or design your own, without spending valuable time treading through countless jewellery stores and being pressured into something that's not right for you.  Our unique 360 degree display technology allows you to see in fine closeup detail the exquisite designs and high quality workmanship of each Finest Jewellery diamond design.  Our no risk service offers free re-sizing on all new engagement rings purchased eliminating any mistake made when selecting your partners correct ring size.  In addition we offer a unique exchange program that allows you to exchange your selected engagement ring within 14 days of purchase should the style you select not be the ideal choice for your special girl.  Your engagement ring will be securely delivered to your door beautifully packaged and accompanied with GIA diamond certificate plus independent valuation for your insurance needs.  Gentlemen if you want the perfect surprise without any surprises, then let Finest Jewellery take away the risk and the pressure in getting this important moment right for you and your special girl.